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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  December 24, 2010 4:25am-5:00am EST

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good morning, everyone. it is friday, december 4th, christmas eve as we tax a live look over the nation's capital this morning. you can see the camera still moving around there. i'm sarah simmons in for gurvir e to fox 5 morning news on this christmas eve day. let's get a check of our weather now with gwen talbert with the latest.
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>> we had the same scenario yesterday as we have today. we have the gusty, very cold northwesterly winds to deal with. let's take a look at our current temperatures right now. it is awe chilly start to the day. # # degrees in the nation's capital. 28 at manassas. 30 at dulles. -- 32 degrees in the nation's capital. wind speeds from eight to 17 miles per hour but the winds are gusting and they are gusting up to 25miles per hour in our area. you will have to watch driving on the roads because you will feel it, not quite as bad as yesterday but the winds are strong. the winds will leave us with some wind chills. it feels like it is only in the teens in most locations. feels like it is 21 in d.c. 18
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only at dulles. be prepared to bundle up. hour high today, a very chilly 38 degrees with more sunshine. the damage estimates for this week's flooding and mudslides in california continues to soar. officials in orange county say damages there are at least $23 million. in addition to damaging homes, flood waters also washed trash, pesticides and bacteria into local waterways there. here is mary ann rafferty. >> the big rolling thunder like boulders come crashing through and it woke us all up in our house. >> reporter: the rain-soaked hillsides are sliding into yards and homes in southern california. authorities warn the risk of mudslides could continue to weeks. >> we usually spend christmas here. we'll probably have a change of plans this year. >> reporter: an onslaught of
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rain has flooded much of the corona airport. flood water coming in from both directions. >> reporter: several of the aircraft have been destroyed. >> you have flood water coming in that has all the chemicals in it from upstream. it attacks everything. >> reporter: in nevada, some home owners are learning their property got washed away by flood waters. >> i'm sorry. it is just a mess. oh, boy. everybody is lost. >> reporter: it is the second major flood in five years for mesquite. the area is a mess. >> getting sick to my stomach, i guess. i couldn't sleep last night. >> the reality is setting in that i think i'll have a house in lake mead now. >> reporter: the front yard is now practically a lake. >> these are things that are totally out of your control and you go with it. this morning when we saw we
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still hay house and it was like now, i can be way happy. >> reporter: it looks like people living in flagstaff, arizona will have that white christmas after all. at least nine california counties are under a state of emergency. in other top stories, d.c.'s delegate to congress about is to lose her vote on the floor of the house. generally the district's delegate can only vote on committee. eleanor holmes norton got to vote on the floor. but the majority in power is allowed to make rules about floor votes. republicans have made it clear no delegates will be allowed to vote during committees of the whole. holiday travel has gotten off to a smooth start in our area. airports and roads were busy as people headed out of town. reagan national airport, few delays to report. the roads will be busy this christmas. aaa reports that 92 million drivers will be on the roadway while others will travel by bus or train.
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and time is just about up for all of you procrastinators. today is the last shopping day to purchase your christmas gift. many stores have extended hours including toys r us. they have been open 24 hours a day since tuesday. we still have plenty coming up. your weather and all of your top stories. fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts right now. good morning on this friday, december 24th as we get a live look over the washington monument this morning. it will be a breezy and chilly day out there again. i'm sarah simmons in for gurvir. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's get a check. the weather with gwen talbert who is in. i got a bit of a surprise. i didn't know the winds were going to last until this morning. >> yes. it won't be quite as bad, not quite as strong, but we do still have the winds to deal with.
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let's look at our maps and show you what is happening. we've got a fair amount of sunshine in the forecast for today. the majority of the clouds are well to the west of us but we will see an odd cloud or two across the area. don't be surprised. but we still have the sunshine out there. it will be a pleasant day to get out there and do your last- minute shopping. 28degrees in manassas. 32 at d.c. 32 at annapolis and 29 degrees at martinsburg. we've got wind chills as well and that is because those winds are gusty. it feels like it is only 21 degrees right now in d.c. only 18 at dulles. 17degrees is what it feels like to the north in hagerstown. make sure you bundle up because it is cold out there. winds are gusting now up to 25 miles per hour and that is what we're going to see throughout the course of the day so be prepared for that. here is a look at your day planner. by around 8:00, we'll be 31
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degrees. 36 by midday. we are only warming up to about 37 degrees. well below seasonal but another day where people have to bundle up to get out and do the shopping. >> it was definitely cold with the winds. >> we'll have the christmas forecast a little better. >> effect wants to know about that. thank you. let's get a check on the traffic now. >> we have some construction being done on 270 this morning. it was northbound falls road where we had the construction being done. really nothing in the way for delays. it is 95 in virginia northbound. springfield is where the action is. you can see the activity off to the side. the car facing the wrong way. that is attracting attention. very light volume this morning so this accident won't cause much of a problem for you.
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that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. while we may dodge a bullet here, southern california is still dealing with the aftermath of that powerful storm that is now heading east. it is no longer raining but local streams and rivers are flooded and piles of mud have been left behind. this was the scene in highland where mud was trapping some cars. so far, holiday travel has been pretty smooth in this area. airports busy yesterday but very few delies to report. no long lines to security or ticket counters either. other people opted to get out of town on the bus. riders say they prefer the bus. >> the train is like $150. and the bus is far less expensive. >> if you are driving this holiday, you will have localities of company. 92million americans will hit the roads and pay plenty at the
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pump to do it. for all you procrastinators, today is the last shopping day to purchase your christmas gifts. don't worry. you will have some help from some local stores. tom fitzgerald is live at the toys r us in fairfax which has been phone 24 hours since tuesday and they're still standing. >> reporter: not only 24 hours. they are doing a straight 88 hours leading up to tonight when they will close the doors here at the toys r us at the fair lake shopping center at 10:00 p.m. tonight. they are doing a marathon around the clock and you might think that this kind of shopping overnight is a little bit extreme but when you think about some of the shifts that people in the washington, tease, virginia and maryland area have, it makes a lot of sense for some folks especially if you think somebody works at a hospital or somebody has an odd shift. some of the folks we met today are over here.
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we were just talking to you guys. it is 4:35. you are here at the toys r us what brought you out so early in the morning? >> my niece. i am getting her a kitchen set so she wants a specific one so i'm going in looking for it. >> reporter: we always see the mobs of people the day after thanksgiving. cheerly, we don't have this. you guys will have the store to yourself. have you ever come out in the middle night of and done this kind of thing. >> we try to do -- dodge the crowds but we just came from a christmas party so we decided to come out and get her niece a christmas set and make sure everything is good. >> you two haven't been to sleep tonight yet? >> no, not at all. >> reporter: we thank you for your time. we appreciate you taking some time. it is every kids deem to have the toy store to themselves and that is what they will get. the manager here told us that, in addition to keeping the store open, one of the things they've been doing is trying to
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keep the employees entertained as well so they've been able to keep the store restocked, reshelved. they've had two truck loads come in just to replenish since they started this on tuesday night so stock has not been a problem. they are expecting that this will not be the last time they do this. we can fully expect 4 hour marathons like this might become the norm. back to you. -- we can tellly expect 24 hours marathons like this might become the norm. d.c.'s delegate is about to lose her vote on the floor of the house. eleanor holmes norton got to vote on the floor when the house works with what is called the committee of the whole. the majority in power is allowed to make rules about floor votes and the republicans have made it leer no delegates will be allowed to vote during
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committees of the whole. >> it is hard enough not to have the vote but to have the vote that the courts have said you are entitled to is especially hard an an insult to the people who pay federal taxes. president barack obama is spending his holiday vacation in hawaii where he grew up. straight ahead ache few nervous moments involving the president. we'll have details of a high- speed chase that went through a checkpoint near where the president is staying. and growing tension between north and south korea. we are check more headlines for you when we come back. &
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making headlines this morning, president obama is spending christmas in hawaii. the first family is renting an ocean front home there. mr.obama plans to spend some
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time working on his state of the union address. but check this out. as he arrived yesterday, there was a brief security scare. you can see here there is a secret service agent pointing a gun at the driver of this pickup truck. local police were chasing a man wanted on several wants around he was later arrested. the secretary of defense is warning troops that the don't ask, don't tell policy is still in effect for now. president obama signed the legislation to end the policy yesterday. but it will be -- or two days ago but it will be several months before the military institutes the change. until then, secretary robert gates is telling troops they have to be careful not to break the old law that is still in effect. just as it appears that relations between north and south korea were getting less heated, tensions are rising again with both sides ramping up the rhetoric. jeff jennifer griffin has more. >> reporter: less than 0 miles
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from the border with north korea, not far from the demilitarized zone, south korea began four days of live fire military exercises testing at apparent restraint shown by the north koreans last weekend when they backed down from earlier threats to punish the south koreans. farther north, there was little evidence of restraint as the communist party celebrated 19 years since kim jong il took power. >> the revolutionary armed forces are getting fully prepared to launch a sacred war of justice korean style using the nuclear style. >> the north creeps put out this war-like rhetoric to get everybody ginned up. it is comment for them. the reality is last time they put out this rhetoric but they didn't react militarily. >> reporter: few think that a
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nuclear war right now is possible. >> the one thing about the north koreans is that they never attack ate time of high tension because they know we are prepared. what they have done in the past is they have gone against south korea when south koreans have let their guard down. >> reporter: but governor richard sob said he found north korea to be very different from his previous visit. >> there seems to be a new leadership in the foreign ministry and the military that was more pragmatic. they were ready to listen more. they listened when i said don't react militarily. do something about allowing inspectors into the nuclear sites and a military hotline and sell your fuel rods to south korea. >> reporter: the white house has not yet debriefed governor richardson about his trip. while stressing this was a private visit, he said the white house had ask him to turn down invitations from pyongyang.
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it is not clear why they gave him the green light this time. time is running out on the last-minute holiday shoppers. the national mall one of the many places bustling with shoppers. >> we'll have a shopping forecast for you justahead. 
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good morning on this
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christmas eve day as we take a live look over the washington monument this morning. very quiet out there. you know what? it is not quiet in some areas of the country where winter weather is affecting holiday travelers. check out this snowy scene in northern arizona. flagstaff got a new blanket of snow. while, to the south, people in phoenix saw rain. and i take a look at that snow and i say i wish we could have that white christmas but we know it doesn't like like that will happen. >> not all the inconvenience that comes with it. just enough. >> it doesn't take much to wreak havoc around here. >> we might see a little bit of it. it is cold and windy out side right now. let's put everything into perspective. kind. nice that christmas is coming on a weekend for people. we've got another windy day to deal with. all those winds were gusty yesterday. not quite as strong today but they will be pretty much on the gusty side so do be careful out there. we don't have any advisories
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for it today. light snow for christmas. that is a big possibility. temperatures will stay in the 30s. we won't be warming up at all. you will have to bundle up for you are going out today to do any christmas shopping or heading out just for a walk. 32degrees right now at national airport. 28 at gaithersburg. we've got 26 degrees at hagerstown. 29 at martinsburg so yes, it is chilly. the winds are also a factor. here is a look right now. winds are gusting up to 25 miles per hour. they are sustained from about seven to about 16 miles per hour but the winds will be gusty throughout the course of the day. that is setting us up to have some wind chills. you tactor in the temperatures and winds and that is what it feels like to your skin when you walk outside. 20degrees in gaithersburg. 21 in d.c. 18 at dulles and 18 degrees as well as manassas. that is what it feels like outside. make sure you bundle up. as far as christmas is
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concerned, we're keeping an eye on an upper level disturbance. it could bring us a little bit of light snow, could be passing flurries, but it will happen in the afternoon hours. you will have just enough of that effect to make it nice and christmassy for you. by the time we get into sunday, it looks like it will go well to the east of us. it looks like we'll get a brush of it. nothing major at all. we'll keep an eye on that. that looks like the proposed track right now. saturday could see a flurry or two or light snow. could see some snow showers on sunday from the storm system. then, we have cloudy skies on monday. tuesday, we are back to some sunshine with just a few clouds. the temperature still staying well below seasonal. we should be up to the mid-40s or so, not making it. we'll check in with traffic now with charlie mack. >> we had a problem on the baltimore-washington parkway. it is northbound. the problem was the traveler was driving southbound.
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police finally caught him off it the side of the road at 198. not causing any delay because of the light volume but that was the problem on the northbound side of the baltimore-washington parkway. in virginia, we had an accident with a car northbound 95 95 just before the springfield interchange. we had some overnight construction at viers mill road. it was allowing one lane in each direction but now it like it has been cleared. light volume on most area roadways so we are not seeing a lot of delays. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. we are down to the wire to get that last-minute holiday shopping done. some big are stores stayed open all night last night. smaller shop owners are all reaping the benefits of procrastinators. fox 5's maureen umeh has more from national harbor. >> reporter: just hours before christmas and it seems sant has come early to the shops of the national harbor at oxon hill, maryland. >> i love it. everything is so interesting here. it is neat to look at effect.
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>> reporter: business is booming with customers from near and far doing some last- minute shopping at one of a kind shops like art craft. >> we are pretty much like a farmer's market year round. we represent about 600 plus artists from all over the country. >> reporter: kevin and his family came all the way from haymarket, virginia attracted by the sights and the unique shops. >> i'm hoping this might be aling present. i haven't started yet. >> reporter: you haven't started christmas shopping? >> no. tonight. tonight, i start. >> reporter: lucky for him, there is lots to choose from in the area. at stone wall kitchen, melanie clark scored a bag full of goodies. >> i was done christmas shopping. my daughter just came down from pennsylvania so we're out and picked up a few extra gifts. >> and he wrapped it all for
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you. >> i know. isn't it great. >> we have had a phenomenal season. starting in october even and december has been an amazing holiday. >> reporter: this is something to chirp about at pete's. something to celebrate long after the season. >> i think it has been a really happy holiday. >> that was maureen umeh. some of the stores have extended their hours and expect to see just as many for not more customers today and they say they're ready for them. another physical showdown between the caps and the penguins. ovechkin and the boys got in a few good hits but did they get the win? we're checking sports coming up. i'm staff sergeant jonna
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tucker. i want to give a shout out from kyrgyzstan to my family. merry christmas and we'll see you all soon.  [ older brother ] hey, that's the last crescent. [ younger brother ] oh, do you want it? yeah. ok, we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light... ...buttery and flaky... this is half. that is not half. guys i have more. [ female announcer ] do you have enough crescents? with cinnabon cinnamon have such a sweet and delicious aroma that my family can't wait to get their hands on them. enjoy cinnabon cinnamon... now in all pillsbury cinnamon rolls.
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we are talking sports now. another close one for the caps. they fell to the pittsburgh penguins in a seven-round shootout 3-2. crosby extenned his streak. to college football now, navy facing san diego state in the poinsettia bowl. at qualcomm stadium, san diego state's home field. this game was close for a while. navy trailed up until the fourth quarter but the aztecs pulled away to win 35-14. austin freeman and georgetown visiting memphis.
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they won 86-69. freeman had a game-high 24 points. gulliver's travels hits theaters tomorrow. it puts a modern twist on a tale written in the 1700s. allison talked to the stars of the film, jack black and jason siegel. >> it is based on a book written in the 1700 u.s. but the new movie has a decidedly 21st century flavor. for starters, it started jack black as gulliver and jason siegel as horatio. they join us now to talk about the movie. good morning to both of you. >> good morning, washington, d.c. >> it sounds luke a party when you say it, jack black. i got to say it. >> i am a party in a cup. >> this movie written in the 1700s and now it is 2010 and you guys said yes, we'll take it on. how is the retelling of it still what is happening now. how have you put your twist on it? >> it was very much about
4:56 am
bringing it into the 20th century. it is modern day new york city and gulliver is working at a new york newspaper and he works in the mail room and he has a huge crush on the travel editor played by amanda peete but he is too shy and insecure to ask her out on a date and then he gets an opportunity to impress her by going out to the bermuda triangle and writing a story about it. unfortunately, he gets sucked into an interdimensional time warp and wakes up on an island of tiny people that have enslaved him and tied him down on the beach as everyone knows the classic visual of gulliver's travels. >> and you play horatio, jason. tell us how you feel this is relevant in this day and age. >> the reason the story is still relevant is it is great writing. like any great write, sheakdz peer or jonathan swift, you can transport it to anywhere you
4:57 am
like because the themes and story and humor hold up. gulliver's travels was a great work of satire so some of those themes exist today. i play horatio, the best look man in lilliput and i'm in prison for trying to woo the princess mary who is above my station in life. jack black and i make great friends. >> i didn't mean to laugh so hard that you might be the best looking man. >> you did laugh pretty hard. >> i laughed because that is not the point of it. but you made it sound like that is what the movie is about, your good looks. >> the way i always pictured its he is the best-looking man in lilliput. >> have you blown out the end of it and a whole alternative ending?
4:58 am
>> that is the theme of the movie. that is what is great about it. it has a little bit of everything. it has humor, romance, action. it has a buddy comedy element but it has a great underlying message for the kids who go see it. so it is perfect for everyone. >> i love that. so now, in 2010, going into 2011, we love the 3-d and true to form, gulliver's travels 2010 in 3-d. i already know this is going to be ten molinari natural. were you all tracted to it because it was 3-d? was that an incentive to take on the roles? >> i'm excited about the 3-d aspect of it. this is the kind of movie that really benefits from 3-d in that we've got huge epic scenes with thunderstorms and battle scenes with a thousand warships and these things are just enhanced by the 3-d elements and we got the great team over
4:59 am
at fox that made it look so incredible. same people who put out a little 3-d movie called avatar. >> yes, i had heard of that one movie. you are an executive movie of this movie, jack so i'll ask jason. basically, jack is one of your bosses. >> yes, and he rules with an iron fist. >> i can tell. i can see that eyebrow coming up. >> everyone was terrified of me, the producer. they weren't sure, this is jon kelley black the actor or is this jack black the producer talking to me right now. yeah, i wore a special producer's hat when i became the producer character. >> it was a literal producer's hat. >> the truth is i did most of the producing before we ever stepped foot on the set in the shaping of story and the hiring of the writers and the director and all of that stuff. once i got to the set, i was strictly the clown jack


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